Things I've written

Things I’ve written

One of the perils of being a head of campaigns rather than, say, a head of policy, is that most of my writing isn’t online under my name. But there you go. You can probably guess whose names lots of my writing is under. Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve written in my own name that I’m pleased with. More and more I seem to be writing on Medium, so go there for my latest pieces.

On trade unionism
Bargaining power – the Centre for London asked me to contribute an essay to their collection themed around work. This is the result, on whether unions can become relevant again.

This is a series of five pieces on the existential crisis that faces trade unionism: adapting to digital and representing younger and private sector workers.
Just be ordinary
Irrelevance = death
It’s the power, stupid!
More than twitter
You can’t change anything

>> On the issues

‘Predistribution’ and the Living Wage – or, why we have to cut housing costs – I wrote this when I was at Shelter in autumn 2012, about how the Living Wage alone isn’t a magic wand when rents are so high. Sadly, it’s more true than ever.

Give me shelter is a blog I’m very proud of. Commenting on the Sun’s decision to launch a campaign for domestic abuse refuge funding, it asks what would happen if instead of asking “why doesn’t she just leave?” we ask “why doesn’t he just stop?”

In 2011, I wrote for Left Foot Forward about the money that could be saved if we got help for women living chaotic lives far earlier. I stand by every word. We need to help women get out of the terrible cycle of prison, prostitution, drug abuse, rape and domestic violence.

In 2015, I wrote about the trade union bill: what will you post on Facebook or Twitter in 14 days’ time?

>> On communications, campaigning and careers

Turning your rebrand into a campaign for change – rebranding the brilliant domestic abuse charity CAADA as SafeLives is something I’m really proud of. And I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to try to get change for victims while we were doing it.

Who should I vote for? There’s (not) an app for that – before the 2015 general election, I got irritated with disingenuous “voter advice apps” written by people who don’t seem to like or understand politics. This post was the result.

How to get a first campaigning job was written following another round of interviews with bright and undoubtedly brilliant graduates, who nonetheless had no interview-craft. Quite what careers services at universities tell them, I don’t know. So I wrote it down. Top tip? Don’t wear a cardigan to a job interview. On a similar note, here I am advising Aston University politics students on getting their first job.

>> On me

Finally, my Normblog profile. If you don’t know who Norman Geras was, start with his obituary. My profile’s from 2005, and some of the answers haven’t stood the test of time, but there you are. I’m lucky more of my early 20s ramblings aren’t on the internet!